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The first Chinese smart agriculture annual summit opened in Beijing

Release time:2017-10-26  Browse:1105
"2017 is an important year for the implementation of the 13th five-year plan and the deepening year of supply-side structural reform," the central economic work conference said at the end of 2016.The synergistic effect of agriculture is one of the key factors of supply-side structural reform, and intelligent agriculture is an important way to realize the efficiency of agriculture.
On January 7th, by the wisdom of China Internet association, Beijing agricultural industry alliance, QingWeiHui of China agricultural machinery association, the national tourism creative union, CODEX international institute of innovation, industry federation co-sponsored chuhe net, green economy, strong-arm reaction jiuzhou group, Shanghai complex mode of science and technology, orange mountain cloud design, middle age, orange XinGe co-host the first wisdom agriculture industry such as event - the first China annual summit wisdom agriculture and "artisan farmers cup" award ceremony in the highest institution of agriculture to the grand opening of China agricultural university, led by the competent department of agriculture, the wisdom from all over the country agricultural industry pundits, agricultural enterprises on behalf of 500 people attended the event.Xinhua economic news agency, CCTV net, China agricultural network, China, China food, China information news, China Daily wisdom NongYeWang, international online, more than 20 industry such as irrigation network tracking reports on mainstream media.
The summit to "rise, fusion, dream" as the slogan, summit Song Hongyuan, director of the department of agriculture rural economy research center in the first half, academician of the Chinese engineering mao-hua wang, the state council development research center, information and ring by Dr, China agricultural university professor dao-liang li, Sweden OBOYA holding group, chairman of the wujiang river and other leading agricultural experts and entrepreneurs as wisdom new policy of agriculture and agricultural development trends and prospects, the wisdom agriculture concrete application practice, the wisdom of agricultural development of the theme of the Nordic experience etc excellent speech, every speech drew applause, the atmosphere here.
Wisdom agriculture is the Internet of things technology applied to traditional agriculture, using sensors and software via mobile platform or computer platform to control agricultural production, make the traditional agriculture more "wisdom".Besides accurate perception, control and decision-making management, from the broad sense, wisdom agriculture include agricultural e-commerce, food traceability anti-counterfeiting, agricultural leisure tourism, the content of the agricultural information service, etc.At the summit over the second half of the experts and entrepreneurs from planting, breeding of wisdom, and wisdom for purchasing agricultural supplies, leisure agriculture, agricultural electricity Angle do wonderful report, fully shows the wisdom agriculture application scenario for the most advanced in China.
To promote the transformation of modern agricultural development in our country, it is necessary to have a batch of don't forget to beginner's mind, self-motivated, aggressive driving, standing on the leading edge of "dreamer" and "pursue enterprise", they use their own actions and results, add luster for the development of China's agricultural wisdom.At the summit, also held a grand prize-giving grand ceremony of "artisan farmers cup", in order to reshape the spirit of "originality", in the field of agriculture to encourage outstanding contribution in the field of intelligent agriculture for individuals and businesses, innovation and pioneering spirit of the industry set an example.
The key to developing smart agriculture lies in the application of landing.The summit was held in Beijing agricultural institute opening new wisdom, and experts hired, project signing ceremony, the future research will integrate production, study and research, with all kinds of high quality resources and authoritative expert team, committed to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of scientific research institutions and enterprises and the wisdom of agricultural project application and fall to the ground, boost agriculture modernization construction of our country.
Intelligent agriculture is the important direction of agricultural development in the future.Such as Internet, mobile Internet information technology and intelligent agricultural equipment widely used in the field of agricultural production, wisdom will agriculture through every link of the construction of the modern agriculture in our country, it will not only change the traditional mode of agricultural production, will also lead the transformation and upgrading of the modernization of agriculture in our country, to become a reasonably prosperous common people.Elite, the summit is a collection of agriculture, agricultural industrial chain from the different part through lectures, dialogue, sharing, communication and other forms, to bring the guests a speck of "agricultural feast", also opens the wisdom of China agriculture new style and features!